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On the same day that I get an email that the registration has opened for the 2009 FileMaker Developers Conference ... I read on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) that Apple is making the World Wide Developers Conference session videos available. To read up on this, here are some links ...

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

The Apple Inc. Page

Back in July of 2008, I wrote in a blog post ...
Unfortunately for the FileMaker community at large, FileMaker/Advisor has a business mindset to never share information from the conference to anyone but those attending the conference. In many ways, I feel this is a huge missed opportunity on their part to grow their business by feeding their developer army at large ... but ... you have to acknowledge that some people that attended this years conference wouldn’t have done so, if the information would have been available some other way.

This release that Apple is exploring a program to share video produced content of their widely successful conference is the first real indication that validates that this may be something for FileMaker Inc. to consider. If you read the discussion, you can tell that some people will not be happy with the way Apple is releasing these videos but the key is that there is a legitimate way! In many ways, I can foresee that “possibility” FileMaker could release the developer conference sessions the same way.

What some Apple Developers will NOT like ...

- the videos are expensive. The entire 146 presentation event runs $999. however, it does say the developers that attended the conference can get the download for free.

- you have to be a registered Apple Developer or iPhone developer in order to purchase them

- the videos look to have DRM protection and only available for download and viewing via iTunes

- they are releasing the content 6 months after the event took place.

I can say that as a FileMaker TechNet and FileMaker Business Alliance member, I would pay $999 to get a digital copy of all the FileMaker Developer Conference sessions, if I could not attend the conference. It is possible, I would even pay the $999 if I attended the conference because ... it is impossible to absorb content from two sessions that are going on at the same time. Videos of the sessions would allow me to drink in FileMaker illumination that I would have no opportunity to otherwise (at any price). Once a FileMaker session is over, with the exception of some PowerPoint slides, the strength of the content is gone. With the availability of video content, it can be relived, on demand, whenever the need may arise.

I also think that the video content of FileMaker Developer Conference sessions would actually sell more future developer registrations than detract from them. That may be just the view of an optimist but if the shoe fits.



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