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Many of us adore and appreciate the efforts behind the long time custom function resource site at It looks like a new competitor has entered the community with the launch of FileMaker Custom Functions at . Time will tell if this is going to be a longtime active resource or a another promising resource that seems to be abandoned (by the developers, by the community or a combination thereof) shortly after it is announced. At first glance, it does have some nice structure additions that anyone hunting for custom function resources will appreciate.

For starters, it has more of a dashboard home screen than the site. This includes a rating system for submitted custom functions (nice!) and a way to tag a custom function in a category for easier searches (also nice). Another nice aspect of this site is that is has a community aspect to it. You can sign up as a member, tell the world a little bit about yourself and add your comments to posted custom functions.

I think the community related enhancements on this site really give it a good chance at becoming a long time resource. The only thing that I see missing that might endanger its long term success is the lack of a RSS feed. I find it quite helpful to see when new custom functions are added on as they pop up on my Google Reader page. This helps drive me to the site and the custom function. Hopefully that will be something they add in the near future.

UPDATE: Oops, not only is there are feed, there are a few of them. I had cross posted this on my FileMaker Calculations Explored blog and the folks at FileMaker functions left this comment.

"Just to clarify, there are actually 4 RSS feed's coming off the site at the moment (you can access these via your browser's RSS link - which will in most browsers appear as an rss icon in the address bar).

Additionally, the primary functions feed is available on the home page (the large circular RSS icon)."

To visit FileMaker Custom Functions, here is their link ...
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