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When I first started my LeSaux Media Services company back in 1990, it was a multimedia services company. I was in love with MacroMedia Director ( then in version 1.0 ) and the whole idea of desktop video was immensely attractive to me. However, the equipment costs such as high powered computers, RAM, storage and video equipment forced me to abandon independent multimedia design.

As a FileMaker software publisher, required equipment needs are a mere fraction than the multimedia business. For over a year, I used the same Macintosh Powerbook for all my FileMaker design and business documentation needs. It wasn't the best setup but it was mobile and worked well when working on client projects.

However, your goal would be to have both a Macintosh based computer and a Windows based computer and I would also recommend that at lease one of them be a laptop. The current intel based Macintosh machines can run both operating systems and that can be extremely flexible for your design needs.

You could benefit from a laser printer, copier and fax machine … and … now days that can easily be the same machine. Inkjet printers can be useful in a office as well but printing an entire manual on an inkjet could get expensive. I really like my Brother multifunction laser printer / fax / copier. The only thing that concerns me is that a repair to the machine would bring me down in a lot of areas. If you have a fax machine and a printer, both are not out of commission when one is on the fritz.

Where to find equipment at a reasonable price? If you are into new equipment you can look into a local office supply store or an online reseller. The advantage of a local store is that you can take it home that day and returns are normally easier if it fails. The disadvantage is that you will normally pay tax. The advantage of an internet site is that it may have a lower price and it may have no tax charge. The tax will be charged if the reseller has employees in the same state as you are in. The disadvantage is that you normally will have to pay for shipping, wait for it to arrive and returns/service is a more painful experience.

On the other hand, I remember one customer I worked with in Little Rock Arkansas.
They were a fairly large office and he once told me ... “I'll never buy another piece of office equipment from anywhere else than eBay.” He said that he had a few bad experiences and overall the savings made it very worthwhile for him. This was also about the time that the dotcoms were going bust all over the country. So there were some very good deals in slightly used office equipment out there.

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