Reader Asks About Designated Print Only Layouts

From Dwayne Wright

We have under taken what we thought would be a simple Filemaker project, and have worked to learn "howto" many things. We have been thankful for all the info on using Filemaker and resources especially like your website that help us find solutions. A lot of our issues surround our inexperience.

The EXAMPLE: GTRR And Printing example you have helped convince us that all window didn't have to be made to print., and I think I understand that scripts can be written to accommodate printing of complex layouts. We have a layout that would be 2 pages of data per record that will need to printed. Am I correct that scripts can be written to make a printable form that would be more conducive than trying to create a layout that would meet our printing needs, and the layout also meet the interface needs we have for the db?

Yes, you can definitely create a designated print layout for a data entry screen and use a script to branch them. You can even have multiple versions of the print layout and use a branching script (via the IF / ELSE / END IF script steps) and have variations on the output for the data. You might even have a layout that is geared towards a pdf output that is automatically added as an enclosure for emailing out.

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