Software Publishing: Phone Systems And Telecommunications

From Dwayne Wright

This is part of my ongoing series of articles about setting up your own software publishing business (cause FileMaker is very good option for doing that). This was originally published by me in a guide called FileMaker Software Publishing back in 2002. .

In this day and age, the phone has lost some of it’s luster as the primary business communication medium. For a FileMaker based software publishing company, this is very much the case. Not only can orders be placed on the web or questions posed by email … it’s generally the preferred method by both customer and publisher.

Since I’ve never had a steady staff of employees in my office, I’ve never installed a proper multiple line phone system. However, it looks like you can purchase an entire setup of cordless mobile phones these days with multiple line support. If this is the case, I would investigate it if/when I have steady employees.

You will want to have both a land line and a mobile line, if you a small office like myself. You will want to be comfortable with getting your calls remotely. You will want a speaker phone with the ability to record conversations. I like to record conversations with clients about project meetings, so that I can review the meeting again on my iPod as I let my dog take me for the occasional walk.

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