2008 FileMaker Developer Conference Details Available

From Dwayne Wright

You can now get the scoop on the 2008 FileMaker Developers Conference by visiting ( www.filemaker.com/devcon2008_pr ). The site has a very good breakdown of the events and I encourage you to check it out (even if you don’t think you will be attending).

Much of the content and setup is the same as the developers conferences that have happened in the past. So you can feel comfortable attending because it is familiar. That doesn’t mean FileMaker / Advisor didn’t tweak this years conference because they obviously did and I do like what I see.

First you can see a new track appear on some session days, this is the FileMaker Training Series track. Here many of the longtime FileMaker trainers and some FileMaker internal staff are covering the FTS material. This doesn’t replace an existing track but is an expansion upon your previous conference offerings.

Even when you think you know all there is to know about a FileMaker topic (such as scripting, calculations, relationships, etc...) there is almost always a nugget of new information when it is presented by another FileMaker professional. Just something I wanted to throw out there when you are looking at some of the listed conference sessions.

Another thing about the 2008 conference schedule I found interesting is the change up in some of the presenters and topics. I’ve been to about a dozen FileMaker Developer conferences over the years and I haven’t seen many of these professionals game or their presentation skills. This year, FileMaker made each proposal for a topic be sent to then with a video presentation. I wanted to submit one myself but my schedule simply did not permit it at the time. Looking at the schedule lineup, it definitely looks like the FileMaker developer community and FileMaker Inc. decided to make a very strong effort to bring something new this year. Kudos to all of you!

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts yesterday called MacBreak Weekly. Part of this weeks discussions was about Apple pulling out of the NAB conference. I couldn’t care less about NAB but couldn’t help comparing the discussion content to the annual FileMaker developers conference. In one part, Merlin Mann said that every conference is really only about the corridors. He was meaning that the actual content of the conference was not that important and it was the deal making in the corridors, restaurants and hotel bars that make the conference worthwhile. While I know developers that feel that was as well, I’m not one of them. I think with the strong lineup of sessions this year, there is plenty of content for everyone!

Am I going? Yes, for all the above reasons and more. If you are going as well and would like to chat, by all means lets be sure to get together in sunny Arizona!
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