Do you have a solution for "format telephone number" for FMP 6.0?

From Dwayne Wright
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do you have a solution for "format telephone number" for FMP 6.0 Mac as seen below
07 5531 2616
0413 709 295

I don’t have anything like that for FileMaker 6 but I know that John Mark Osborne has a large collection of example files on his databasepros web site. In fact, he has the largest collection of FileMaker examples anywhere on the internet. His site even allows for searches for examples for a particular version of FileMaker.

Here you can see how to do a search for Phone related examples for FileMaker 6 from the databasepros site.

There is one that you will need to tweak for your phone format but the overall technique should work. It is called Filter phone numbers so they have a standard format. It uses a layout layering technique. Here is a link to the example file itself.

(click link here)

Now if you upgrade to FileMaker 7 (or higher), you have some auto enter options that will work out much better for you. You can also find example files for this at such as Phone Format Self.
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