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From Dwayne Wright
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Anyway, I have a very simple question: my idea is to have one or two accounts with full access to manage the data through FMP/Web, but the bulk of the team at the Lab would only access the webpage for queries. I want to make it "seamless", i.e., people don't need to know they are actually using FMP when they open the website. I've learned so far (I'm a newbie) that by setting access privileges, I can almost achieve what I want, but the FMP menu on the left side of the website defeats my intentions of making it "seamless". But in your website, I don't see it (I'm referring to the menu where you select which layout you want to open, among other stuff). How did you do that ? I want the database to be accessed solely through buttons/tabs on the website.

Well, that is a pretty easy one. The area you are referring to is called the status area. There is a script step called Show/Hide Status Area. You will want to have this script step included in the script you run when the file is first opened. You can define this by selecting the script in the File Options menu command under the File Menu.

In traditional FileMaker design, you might want to use the Lock option for the status area but you may want to forego this option in a web published solution.

The status area has been removed in FileMaker 10 and replaced with a status bar at the top of the screen. In many ways, the same information is true for both but the new status bar has more options than the previous FileMaker 9 status area.
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