FILEMAKER: FAQ: FileMaker 9 Activations

From Dwayne Wright
Certified FileMaker 9 Developer

Can you use the same copy of FileMaker for your work desktop computer and your work traveling laptop or do you have to purchase two copies of FileMaker? The idea is that you would never use both copies at the same time.

This is a tough question and the answer might become invalid based upon if FileMaker Inc. has a policy shift in this area. At the time that I write this, my understanding is that you are allowed to use the same copy of FileMaker in the situation I mentioned above. I know that the spirit of the license (but not sure if it is enforced from a technical perspective and I have no experience from the legal standpoint) is that you cannot use the same license code for two machines in the same office at the same time.

Now a natural follow up question for us Intel based Macintosh users is ...
What about people running Parallels Desktop or Bootcamp on their Intel-based Mac's? What is the policy for virtualization technologies? In this case, it is the same computer, but different operating systems running at the same time?

Well, in regards to Boot Camp, there is a KnowledgeBase article about this from the official FileMaker web site. I would have to say that FileMaker Inc. is the only place you should really look for answers in license related issues. The KnowledgeBase article is 6579 and you can find KnowlegeBase under the Support menu at FileMaker’s web site. There is even a link to have FileMaker email you if their position changes.

At the time I’m writing this, my impression is that you can run the same purchased copy of FileMaker in Boot Camp. It looks like the Parallels implementation would require you to purchase two copies of FileMaker.

Again, do not consider my post here as activation gospel. I’m not sure that I’m correct in this interpretation but that is what my current research compels me to believe. Nothing beats getting information like this from the source by means of a telephone call, email or visit to an official FileMaker resource.
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