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From Dwayne Wright

I have been reading your blog and browsing around your website off and on for the last week looking for information that may help me in gaining any knowledge about the conversion process from FileMaker 6 to FileMaker 9. The company that I’m representing currently has had IT consultants in the past that have steered them in the wrong direction.

Yes, I've converted dozens of solutions from FileMaker 6 to FileMaker 7/8/9 through the last few years. I've also worked with dozens of solutions in which I needed to clean up or totally rewrite a solution that a previous developer had worked on. FileMaker is so friendly on the surface that it happens that a developer that thinks they know FileMaker, can get over their head very quickly.

To make matters a little worse for you (and the FileMaker community in general), most FileMaker 9 books no longer cover FileMaker 6 conversions. Even the materials that do cover FileMaker 6 conversions, generally cover only the technical aspects. A successful conversion of a robust FileMaker 6 solution always has to involve an analysis of the business logic. FileMaker 6 (although a great database for its time) had some things that it simply did not do well. So there had to be workarounds programmed into those solutions that simply do not need to be there anymore.

Another aspect of FileMaker 6 conversion that should not be ignored is opportunities for the future. I do take some time to investigate future opportunities for what can be a boost to the business I'm doing the conversion for. These do not have to be done at the time of conversion but it is always a good idea to have a roadmap of future potential of your database solution.

By all means, feel free to contact me for support in your FileMaker 6 conversion. I’m happy to provide spot help in key areas or do the entire conversion for you.
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