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From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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Much of what we discussed with contract employees applies to regular employees as well. You can look for people yourself or use an agency. Getting referrals from fellow employees, business associates or friends is normally a good way to start. The same plus and minus aspects apply here as they do for contract employees.

You will need to consider …

- What do you need a new employee to do?

- What qualifications are you looking for?

- How many hours a day will you need this person?

- Who will be responsible for managing this person?

- Does the manager know how to guide this new employee?

- How much can you budget to pay this person in salary and benefits?

- Who will do the interviewing of candidates?

- What questions should be asked during the interview process?

- Are you at a point where you will need to address equal opportunity employment laws on either a federal or state level?

- Have you chatted with your attorney about any legal aspects you need to address in regards to employee growth?

- Is there an advantage or a disadvantage to hiring someone with primarily a small, medium or large corporate background?

- If you are a small company ( most FileMaker developer organizations are) do the new employees know the potential risk of working for a small company?

- Are the candidates US Citizens or eligible to work in the United States? ( if not, you will need to check the INS for any possible forms to fill out)

This is just a small taste of the various areas to consider when you are making a significant investment (financial and other areas). By all means, I would suggest researching this topic in detail in other resources.
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