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From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
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Went to the apple user group FileMaker SIG (special interest group) meeting last night. Enjoyed it quit a bit! For the most part, it was just a collection of FileMaker developers chatting about design, news and the occasional off topic technology discussion.

I missed chatting about FileMaker openly in the real world. Our local FMPug meetings used to be like that but are more of a presentation event these days. Which is good on some levels because you get a condensed blast about a particular topic from someone that has studied it. It is somewhat of a bummer if the topic / presenter isn’t that captivating to you, in which case you are likely not to attend.

Another thing that was nice about the FileMaker dBug meeting was the relaxed atmosphere. You can drive up, park right by the door and walk into the meeting room. For our local FMPug meetings, you have to drive to downtown Seattle, navigate a street system that looks like a relational graph gone horribly awry, park in a tight parking garage, sign into a security station and then take an elevator up 40 + floors to the meeting room. Although, the hassle of getting there is totally worth it because ...

Once you get there, it is one of the most (scratch that) ... this meeting room has the most beautiful view of any meeting room I have ever attended. Looks out over all of Seattle and the bay, it is just fabulous and the meeting room is straight up top drawer. Occasionally, a sponsor will provide some catering and representatives from FileMaker have been known to drop by with tidbits from the mothership.

I feel blessed that I’m in an area that has two different FileMaker venues to attend. The FMPug meetings are a great opportunity and I encourage everyone locally to attend. The next meeting is scheduled for May 28th and is normally held the 4th Monday of the month at 7pm. For more information, visit ...

The dBug FileMaker SIG is held at 7pm on the third Monday of each month. As with any user group, they could use financial support. One thing that I learned at the meeting room itself is available for rent during the day for only $700 (or so) a month. That is not a bad price at all for a meeting room so close to the Seattle metro area. So if any of you local Seattle developers / trainers are looking for a good deal on a classroom, by all means go to the dBug web site and contact them. For more information, visit ...
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