FileMaker Save As PDF Script Step Crashing In Leopard

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
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Just lost about 90 minutes of billable time because I couldn’t get FileMaker Advanced 9.3 to save a set of records as a pdf via a script. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong until I went out and downloaded some example files and it still happened.

Luckily, I have a database archive of posts from my TechNet membership and did a search. TechTalk (the mailing list feature of a TechNet membership) has an online search engine for posts but I’ve never had that great of luck with it. Plus, why would I search via a web interface when I can customize a search in my own FileMaker solution?

Anyway, it took some time but I found a weird post where the recommendation was to delete a file in the following location ...


and it worked! So thank you to TechTalk, my $99 a year membership in TechNet was already a great value but it really helped me today! If you think you might benefit from TechTalk, check it out at ...

Here is a picture of the area that I’m talking about if you are looking into getting a TechNet membership for yourself.
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