A Reader Asks: FMPug Meetings (worth it?)

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
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My question is actually about the FMPug meeting on 4/28 which happens to be just down the street from me here in Seattle. I have never been but I am an advanced user of Filemaker but (serious) novice developer and want to what the requirements are for attending. Would you recommend it for someone at my skill level? Would you recommend that I get a FMPug membership first? Is it required?

I would recommend attending one of the meetings, at the very least to get an idea about them. The next meeting is May 28th (tomorrow) and you can read up on the meeting at ...

http://www.fmpug.com/ ... today you can see the Seattle meeting on the front page in the upcoming meeting section.

For the Seattle FMPug meetings, you have to RSVP. This is because there is a lot of security at the Washington Mutual building and you cannot attend the meeting unless you RSVP first. If you are making a last minute decision to attend, you might have to call SolutionMakers (the organization that organizes the Seattle chapter) directly to get your RSVP in the system in time.

FMPug membership itself is more about the benefits provided by FMPug itself and not the ability to attend meetings. At least it is for the local chapter, FMPug membership is not required to attend the Seattle meetings. I believe the membership requirement for meetings is something that each membership coordinator for an area decides. So there may be a requirement for the Chicago chapters, if the person running those chapters decides to enforce that requirement.

I have sent in my RSVP for the meeting, so we can meet up if you like and chat.
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