Nice Meeting At Seattle FMPug Last Night

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
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I had a nice time and had many illuminating after thoughts from last nights FMPug meeting here in Seattle. Here is the announcement of the meeting ...

Jason Young will be speaking on two very exciting topics; Pivot Tables
& Cross Tab Reports and how to easily integrate QuickBooks and FileMaker.

Pivot Tables and Cross Tab Reports:

Pivot tables or Cross Tab Reports are reporting tools used to display the joint distribution of two or more fields in a table. Typically this is done in a matrix, called a Contingency table, where one set of field values will be represented by rows, and another will be represented by columns. Most people are familiar with these reports from their experience with Excel Pivot Tables, so we'll start by looking at the Excel functionality. We'll then look at a traditional FileMaker approach of replicating this by using multiple relationships. We'll conclude the presentation by looking at a new approach using some of the newer features available in FileMaker like variables, arrays, and the List Function, which open up some new ideas for gathering and displaying data.


We will also review a powerful new tool called 123Sync™ that synchronizes QuickBooks and FileMaker® Pro. In as little as an hour developers and FileMaker novices can integrate a database, stopping the redundant re-entry of data from FileMaker files into QuickBooks Accounting.

The bulk of the time in the meeting was spent on the Pivot Tables and Cross Tab Reports topic. Jason showed three different ways to accomplish the task and each had its own set of advantages in light of ease of design or maximum speed for the reports. Jason confirmed that he could make the example files available for download, so I assume this will probably be found at the SolutionMakers web site within the next few days.

As good as the Pivot Tables and Cross Tab Reports was, personally I was more interested in the demonstration of 123Sync™. I had been a member of the SolutionMakers team during the earliest variations of this product and was anxious to see this version. In particular, because I had known that it was rewritten from scratch with all the goodies and less of the challenges in regards to implementation.

At the time I’m writing this, the product hasn’t been released it but it looks like it is very close. Official pricing hasn’t been released as of yet either but it looks like it is going to be reasonable investment for any organization wanting to tie FileMaker to QuickBooks.

Looking at the demonstration, I was very impressed. It does seem to take a lot of the XML related heavy lifting off of the shoulders of the developer. I still don’t know if this is something I would trust to a beginning or intermediate FileMaker developer but it is darn close. Just the thought of a normal FileMaker developer being able to truly integrate their database to QuickBooks is simply amazing! With the right product documentation and support materials, it very well may be a breakthrough product for SolutionMakers and the FileMaker developer community. I’m excited to be able to see how 123Sync™ turns out!
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