DYK: You can tear off toolbars?

From Dwayne Wright

Did You Know? (a series of quick discussions on things that you might have missed about FileMaker).
You know how you can add toolbar ribbons to a FileMaker 9 solution from under the View menu? I have to admit, I almost never use toolbars myself but that might change.

I never considered trying to move the toolbar from the top of the FileMaker screen. I guess that is a default way all toolbars work but I had never considered doing that until today. By random chance, I accidentally added a toolbar and then moved it. Funny how you can always discover the most simple things that you have ignored for years. That is FileMaker for you and with a 24 inch monitor and a 20 inch monitor side by side, I might just make “my toolbar is riding shotgun” a common practice going forward!

Here you an see my FileMaker Standard Toolbar and Text Formatting Toolbar torn off the top of the screen and riding shotgun!