DYK: Viewing The Index Of A Field

From Dwayne Wright PMP
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Indexing is one of the most fundamental aspects of relational databases and every FileMaker developer should have a full grasp of how it affects their design. Indexing is key in relationships and is required for foreign keys to work. It also allow for faster searches and can help overall speed improvements in many vital areas.

Fields other than related, global, summary and calculation fields that use (related, global or summary fields) have an index. Much like the index in the back of a book, this will list the possible occurrences of a string of text.

To see the index of a field the cursor is within, you will want to use the “From Index” menu option from under the Insert menu in either Browse or Find mode. Another popular options for this command is to use the contextual menu by right clicking a field or using the menu command keyboard shortcut.

View By Index is particularly useful in find mode because it allows you to get a sneak peek of possible search matches.

The keyboard shortcut for Insert From Index is ( Macs: Command - i ) (Windows: Control - i ).

Here you can see the contextual menu with the Insert From Index selected.

Here you can see the dialog box that came up with I did a View By Index command for the Blog field in the database I use to organize my blog posts.