The Text Ruler Within Fields

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Many FileMaker users and developers alike might not be aware of some of the unique features that come with text fields. One of those unique features is the text ruler and this option can be found under the View menu in browse mode. When the Text Ruler option is on, you can see a smaller ruler at the top of the FileMaker window. You will see the length of the tool bar and its position shift as you move from text field to text field. The idea is that you see the text ruler for the current field width and position on the FileMaker layout. If you are not clicked within a text field, the ruler simply shows the measurement of the FileMaker window overall.

You can even set the defaults of how the text ruler measures space via right clicking the text ruler itself. This contextual menu allows you to select from Pixels, Inches or Centimeter measuring options.

The Text Ruler can be used to align the text within the field much like the alignment of a page in a basic word processor. Your options are to indent the left side of the field, indent the right side of the field and indent the first line of each paragraph selected from the left side of the field. These settings are configured by clicking and dragging arrow icons in the text ruler itself. The bottom arrows (there are two of them) are used to indent the entire left or right sections. The single top arrow in the Text Ruler is used to indent the first paragraph line to the left.

You can change the text ruler settings for just a particular paragraph, selected paragraphs or the entire contents of the field. It depends on where your cursor is at the time. If your cursor is in a single paragraph, just that paragraph is affected by text ruler changes. If you highlight multiple paragraphs, those paragraphs are affected by text ruler changes. To change the entire field contents, do a Select All within the field before making your Text Ruler changes.

Here you can see a text field with no changes.

Here you can see the changes to the text field for a selected paragraph only.

Here you can see the changes for the entire text field.
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