A READER MENTIONS: FileMaker Runtime Limitations

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Read you post on FileMaker runtimes. I think it's rather silly that FileMaker requires users to load a giant application on each desktop just to run your app. Seems to me that FileMaker *could* create a runtime that would run over a network and not require such an install, but then, they wouldn't sell as many copies.

I agree with you that FileMaker could do many things with its runtime technology but would they be dealing themselves a fatal blow if they did? I don’t think the networking limitations in the runtime are a significant technical hurdle but more of a business management one. FileMaker stays in business by selling copies of FileMaker. FileMaker funds new technology in FileMaker by ... selling copies of FileMaker. Any decrease in FileMaker sales hurts the future of FileMaker as a database product as much as any increase in FileMaker sales can help fund new versions of FileMaker.

I don’t want to turn into a spokesman for FileMaker but the same is true for updates. The more FileMaker users and developers that purchase the latest version of FileMaker, the more money is available to help fund what can be in the next version of FileMaker.

Recently, I was just accepted into the SBA program as a FileMaker Business Alliance member. This is what I use as an alternative to bundling runtimes with my InBizness product. Here is a link to the FBA FAQ and it is just one of the places in which you can read up on the FileMaker SBA program. For the professional FileMaker Application developer, the FileMaker Business Alliance with the SBA program is a very good option for distributing your product to workgroups that also need copies of FileMaker.


As far as giving customer demos (the main use for FileMaker runtimes), I host a demo copy of InBizness via my friends at thedroolingdog.com. This allows potential InBizness customers to work with my product within their copy of FileMaker 9. If I have a customer that doesn’t have FileMaker and still wants a demo of my InBizness product, then I do the runtime compile as my last option.
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