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I was looking at your blog about copying a row in a portal and I thought you might be able to help me. I am trying to build a database for a church where I am the pastor.

I have one file that contains details of every person in the church (Individual details). I want to be able to see members of families. I have so far given each person a unique identification number (PIN) and a family identification number (FIN). I created a new file (Family Group) and established a relationship between the files that uses the FIN as the link. I have set up a portal in the Family Group file that enables me to see the PIN, First name and family name and phone number of every person with the same FIN. What I want to do is to set up a script that will copy the PIN on the particular row of the portal and then switch back to the (Individual details) and go to the records of the individual. I can do this manually by highlighting the field, copying it, going back to the Individual detail file going to the find and pasting in the PIN field. The problem I have is that when I try to set up a script in the Family Group file the only fields that I have access to are those not in the portal. Is there any way of doing what I want to do, or could you suggest another way?

Well first, you don’t have to copy and paste the PIN ID. There is a more direct way built into ScriptMaker called GTRR. It stands for Go To Related Record and that will allow you to quickly leap to the record in your portal. I’ll put a list of links below.

So you don’t really need to see those related fields for what you want to do ... but ... lets cover that as well quickly. If you want to use fields in a script that are not from the current layout (which is linked to a particular table occurrence), at the top of the pick list is a pop down menu. Click it and you will see the table occurrences that match what you use in that portal. Selected it and you can see all the fields in your portal and much more.

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