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So a customer was asking me about integrating fax capabilities with FileMaker. I researched that for another customer before. I think it was about two years ago but it may have been as recent as the fall of 2007. I don’t have access to any of that research now however, so I will need to start from scratch.

The only thing that google found was 4-Sight Fax - Fax Software for Macintosh & Windows Networks. I’m fairly certain this was the product I had researched before. I ventured over to their site. Reading over the specs, it looks fine. You have to purchase the Fax Server Software under a number of users criteria and then purchase a developer license for the plug-in.

All the pricing can be found at ... http://www.4sightfax.com/pricing.html

Do you have any input on implementing FileMaker with faxing? If so, I’d love to hear it at info@dwaynewright.com
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