FILEMAKER: Should FileMaker Split Certification Into Pieces?

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Yesterday I took a rare day off and went hiking with my iPod full of content. One of the selections I listened to was the 100th episode of the Adatasol FileMaker podcast. This was an interview with FileMaker president Dominique Philippe Goupil. It was an interesting interview and it seemed to reinforce a long term thought of mine that the time is right for FileMaker to split its certifications into categories. At the very least, I think two certification levels make sense. One for FileMaker Developer Certification and the other for FileMaker Web Services Developer Certification.

If you look at it, most companies that have certifications have them in different levels. Microsoft has eight billion certifications and that might be a conservative estimate, lets not think about Redmond here. Many of these certification levels are stair steps and require a person to complete one before moving towards the other.

Apple has three certification levels and these almost make sense to become a template for a new FileMaker certification strategy. In particular, their Apple Certified System Administrator has some shared points that a FileMaker Web Services Developer could have.

MYSQL also has three certification levels and they also have some potential in coming up with a multiple level FileMaker Certification strategy.

Has at least four different certification levels and there is even a certified user program that isn’t included in the link above.

First off, corporate customers and high end consulting companies would love a certification level like this. They could better target developers to choose from for needs, which are particular to web services integration with FileMaker. FileMaker web services developers would love this to because it separates them from the crowd of other certified developers. I would think this could be a boon for FileMaker marketing as well, as a defined certification like this raises impressions about how serious FileMaker web services momentum is growing.

I’m not sure that a FileMaker Web Services Certification track should be part of the FTS training efforts right out of the gate. I do think you could target a listing of white papers, knowledgebase articles and external resources for certification. A web page for this could list other certifications that would be helpful in attaining FileMaker Web Services Certification.

About FileMaker Web Services Certification requirements ...
Again, I think it is reasonable to require that the developer be FileMaker Developer Certified and be a member of TechNet. It might also require some certification in SQL and PHP before being able to test for FileMaker Web Services Certification. This would help alleviate the need for FileMaker to offer some of the basic material around web services integration.

Just some thoughts that were rattling around in my noggin that I thought I’d post to my blog. I’ll toss up a poll on my FileMaker Thought Bucket blog in case anyone is interested in voting on the issue.
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