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I bought a Leading Edge Computer in 1985 ( dual floppy, LOL), then a hard disk version for my business. Both of them had the Nashoba Nutshell data base program.

My business is now 23 years old and I have thousands and thousands of files, quotes, po's, invoices, etc. I still use the very same nutshell program today as I have not found a program that can manage as well as it does for my business. I have looked at several others and none come close. Not to mention the conversion time required to move the data bases.

The down side to this is, it doesn't do "Windows". I was good with it up until the end of windows 98. Upon the arrival of ME and XP and now Vista, It will not run. My solution to this was to run a virtual computer inside XP using windows 98 and restarting in a dos mode. Still working today.

Long story short, If this is a windows compatible next generation nutshell, is it possible they can be merged? I'm speaking about the data base files. Does the Filemaker program funtion like the nutshell does with the same benifits?

Thank you for indulging me with your time.

Whoa, I don’t really know. I do not know if the Nutshell version of FileMaker has an export feature. If not, then it is going to be a bit challenging to get the data out. The good news is that you can probably create a new database with the fields you need from scratch in FileMaker 9. You might not have a lot of options in getting your data out of an application that old.

One way that you might be able to get the data out of your Nutshell database is a strong arm macro. I had done this back with the Newton Connectivity Kit came out to get my FileMaker contacts into my Newton. FileMaker had an export feature but the Newton Connectivity Kit didn’t have an import feature. What I did was take a keyboard macro application that would watch my keystrokes and save them into a file. I could loop the saved routine and do it again and again.

So I had the macro application record my keystrokes as I copied a FileMaker record one field at a time and paste it into a Newton Connectivity record one field at a time. I then saved the routine in a loop. I was able to run the loop macro to copy 50,000 records from FileMaker to the Newton.

So if you cannot export out of the Nutshell version of FileMaker, you might be able to use this strong arm method to move the data.
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