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I am enabling multiple users of a Filemaker 9 database. The data is on a separate server with FMPro 9 Server installed. The users will have FMPro 9 on their networked laptops. How do I make the same layout open each time that they log into the database? Thanks

Well, after you load the database to the server, it should automatically open to the last layout you were on when you put it on the server. However, that isn’t very reliable. The next two methods are available via the File Options menu command.

The first option is to define what layout you want to use as a default. This is quite easy to setup and doesn’t require much explanation. The second option is to use a startup script. Using this method, you can branch which layout to go to based upon a variety of things such as users security privilege set, user sign in name, day of the week or practically anything!

Here you can see that I have this database automatically open to my blog layout. I also have a startup script specified that finds blog articles I’ve written but have not posted as of yet.
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