Instant Web Publishing (IWP) And The 25 Record List View Limitation

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List view in IWP is limited to showing only 25 records at a time. Table view is limited to showing only 50 records at a time. For this reason, many IWP developers try substituting portals for list view when they can or script around the limitation when only list view will do.

Portals are a worthy work around because they do not have a fixed limit on how many related records it shows. The trouble with the portal fix for the list view limitation is results from searches. Typically, in a web publishing search, you will need to ...

- show an error page layout if no records are found
- go to form view if only one record is found
- go to list view layout if multiple matching records are found

Although quite possible to have a portal display the found set of records from a search, it is not as flexible as having a list view that always displays the current found set. Omitting a record from the found set may not automatically update a portal so that it no longer shows that omitted record.

One thing you can do to get around the 25 record limitation is add buttons to the list view layout to tell the user they have more information available. This will allow the user to page through information 25 records at a time. The buttons will need to be in the header or footer of the list view and allow you to page through the records accordingly. If you have a mixed set of users (some IWP and some regular FileMaker), you will want to branch what list layout the users are taken to via your LIST view button.

Here you can see that we are viewing the list view in IWP. (click image to enlarge view)

This can be accomplished by using the Get(ApplicationVersion) function. Here are some of the results you can expect with this function in regards to the FileMaker application being used... Pro, ProAdvanced, Runtime, Web (for web clients) and Web Publishing Engine (for FileMaker Web Server)

Back to the buttons and the scripting behind them, create buttons that say NEXT 25 and PREV 25. It is probably best to use one script to govern both actions and have it divided by a script parameter passed to it by the button.

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