Fort Worden State Park While At A Client Meeting

Sometimes I really love going onsite as a FileMaker developer. Last Thursday I went over to Port Townsend to visit a client that has their office inside of the Fort Worden State Park. This is one of the outposts on the very north west of the United States that was built to repel possible invaders. It was the location that was used to film the movie, “An Officer And A Gentleman”. It took a fairly long wait to get a ferry and then about a hour ride to get to the clients office.

A view of one of the barracks at the park.

The session itself was your typical fair that a consultant does when a previous in house developer has left for different opportunities. I tweaked some of the settings on their FileMaker server, built a better set of backup schedules and did some training on how to best manage the server itself. Then sat down and started fixes some of the database dust bunnies that had grown into the system. It was a pretty long day but we made some amazing progress in their system.

A picture of a lighthouse in the distance, through a field in the foreground.

These pictures were taken during a lunch period. I was able to go down to the parks cafe and have a simply great meatloaf sandwich with feta cheese. Then decided to explore and this is something I really like doing. I really enjoy spending a day or two at a client site, working with them side by side on their database and exploring the area during the off time.