Five Step Process For Controlling All Your Window Names

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 10 Developer
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I’m rewriting a condensed version of my InBizness CRM package and trying to add FileMaker 10 specific code features as I go. Today I decided to bite the bullet and make a consistent naming strategy for all the windows that can come up. A consistent window name is nice from a user interface but can also have significant advantages as you start adding layers of code to a complex solution. In my example, I’m adding the solution name and version number to the window name. You could add in additional complexity such as the mode (Browse, Find or Preview), access level, number of open windows and more!

This is the quickest way that I found for ensuring all your window names are consistent. It does require that you are developing with FileMaker 10 Advanced and I think this is a reasonable expectation for any professional FileMaker developer. Our list of code elements you will need to have a basic familiarity with are ...

- creating a global variable in a startup script
- create a very basic (about as basic as you can get) custom function
- create a one line script
- attaching an OnLayoutLoad script trigger


Step 1: Create a global variable that creates a name for your application and gives it an appropriate version number.

Step 2: Create a custom function that will return the proper name of the window no matter where you are. Again, you could add more complexity to the name structure here to relay more information to the user.

Step 3: Quickly create a one step script that names the current window equal to the custom function results.

Step 4: Pull up your Manage Layout dialog box and this will list all your layouts. This will allow you to quickly access the Layout Setup dialog box for each layout one by one. If you use the traditional layout setup access, you will double or triple your number of mouse clicks.

Step 5: Go to each layout and quickly attach the NAME_window script to each on layout load.

That pretty much is it!
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