FileMaker PUG Overwhelms The FileMaker Twitter Community With Marketing Messages, Hopefully Temporarily

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
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I understand that marketing has its place but the latest round of twitter spam from the over zealous “shout it from the roof tops” division of the international FileMaker user group (FMPUG) has gone a few steps too far.

Many of us like to see what is being said about FileMaker by folks during the day. The twitter service is a great way to do this and it helps promote friendships between FileMaker users of all experience levels. You simply look for the keyword of FileMaker in twitter and watch the posts grow during the day. Some folks express their love for FileMaker, some express their frustration, some ask questions (FileMaker vs Bento for example is quite popular) and some developers “occasionally” mention they have a new version of a product they have released. It has been a joy to watch the list grow lately and ...

I’m saddened to say this community is threatened and wanted to express my disappointment and frustration that it may all "simply" go away. This morning, I was stunned to see the feed overwhelmed with FMPug marketing posts. By overwhelmed, I mean that in a one minute span of time, 19 posts were submitted to twitter that a business / consultant that has joined their “Find FileMaker Developers Association” is available to accept your consulting dollar.

Earlier in the year, FMPUG began marketing the services of their developer members on twitter and I groaned out loud. Then their tweets started being re-tweeted and one little product announcement would show up six or eight times during the day. This was annoying but there is always someone out there that feels that they should leave no marketing opportunity stone unturned and it is a fact of life.

Yes, you can “remotely” put a spin on this being a community service but it would have to be in the same zone as the spin you would put on regular spam. You are flooding a community environment with a service you want to sell or a “free” service that has a strong marketing push the moment you engage.

If this group really feels that they must broadcast their marketing message on the twitter airwaves, hopefully it can be just a single posting broken up during the business day. Somehow, I doubt they will and will probably even step up their marketing efforts via the twitter pipeline.

If anyone knows of a way to see twitter posts for a particular topic but filter out twitter spam, I would love to hear more about it. If you know of a link that describes the process, it would be great for me to add it to the posting here.
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