WHAT I’D LIKE TO SEE: Easier Way To Comment Scripts

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Most of my stuff doesn’t seem that intense to do, low hanging fruit (if you will). I feel quick tweaks like these could allow me to make better databases and a faster rate for customers.

Now, it isn't just about me, myself and I. Better overall productivity means a developer can do more work for more customers and charge a lower finished price overall. So I hope some of these things might make it through the system and feel free so send us your ideas or comments!


You have been able to add a script step as a comment for quite some time but I’d like to see some enhancements to this feature. The first (and by far the easiest for FileMaker to do) would be the inclusion of a comment button in the Edit Script Dialog Box.

Here you can see the Edit Script dialog box. The only way to add comments to a script is to scroll to the bottom of a script step list, manually add the comment step and move on. If you want to add multiple script steps and comment as you go ... it is a real drag. You have to move the mouse dozens of times in order to add a incremental comments to a script.

A few work around techniques for this problem is to ...

- duplicate an existing comment script step, move it to the correct place and rename it

- try to add all the comments you need first and then add your script steps later.

Here you see where I’d quickly put in button to add a comment. Just something to help people quickly add comments without having to scroll the script step list.
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