2009 FileMaker Developers Conference Breakdown (intro)

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
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I'm NOT one of those people that will attend a conference and then blow off attending the sessions. I'm more of the type of person that is feeling a bit of angst that I'm not attending the correct session from the available choices that would benefit me the most. There is no current way to get illumination from a session you missed, I discussed this in a previous posting Gosh, I wish FileMaker Inc. Would Do This ....

In order to best prepare, I do this breakdown every year when deciding if or how I'm going to attend the annual FileMaker Developers Conference. I’ve completed the “first pass” at a breakdown of this years conference. I went to each session offered, looked at the description for its listed presentations and made comments.

I plan on sharing those comments with you daily until we reach the last session of the last day. Publishing my comments daily gives me a chance to review my first pass notes and perhaps expand upon them. In the department of “Lets Be Redundant Yet Again”, my comments are about the appeal each listed presentation has to my business development needs. I don’t want to come off that I’m passing judgment on the session line up as a whole.

Last year, after I did my breakdown, I decided that I wasn't interested in attending the 2008 conference. What is my verdict this year ... I guess we will both find out at the end of this series of posts. Right now, I’m on the fence.

I have to be a bit hard core when I look at these sessions. If you include the costs of the conference, travel and missed income, it will cost me a little over $1,000 a day to attend. I have to be able to put a definitive ROI on a particular session or meeting. If the math doesn't add up, then I simply have to pass on attending for another year.

So the game plan is to post a new session breakdown daily and encourage people to comment on them. The more the merrier I think and I look forward to hearing your possible responses.

As a side note ... some of the titles and session descriptions for this years conference are a bit buttery for my tastes. It seems that many of them are to be read in that movie trailer voice ... "Imagine a world in which" ... I guess there is some appeal in this but it didn’t help my decisions much about how to rate them. I don’t want to show any disrespect to the presenters but some of the session descriptions bewildered me about what they are going to “really” cover. Have to trust that the “American Idol” like set of judges that passed these sessions to us saw their true potential.

RELATED AUDIO FILE: FYI... I submitted this topic as a quick two minute for the FileMaker Success Tips podcast. I’m not sure if they will air it or when ... but ... here is a quick link if you want to give it a listen (click here).

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