DEVCON 2009: Friday Session 9:00 AM Breakdown

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
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This is a post in an ongoing series in which I look at a particular session of the 2009 FileMaker Developer Conference and review which presentation I’m most interested in attending. I’ll post an overall set of links when I’ve covered them all. For more information about this annual conference, please visit .


In the warm-up session, we have three presentations and two workshops and I’m always looking for the choice that best fits my business design needs. There is a lot of potential in this opening round but I think I’ve made my choice.

Almost immediately I'm attracted to but ultimately dismiss “The Year In Review” session. I imagine it will be the most attended and likely the most talked about session of the conference. I’m sure that I would be entertained by a rapid fire presentation of brilliantly crafted tricks ... thing is ... at $1,000 a day (of my own money this time around), I have to focus on what I can put to use into practice at the office immediately. I'm also concerned this may be "great tricks with the Web Viewer" heavy and I'm never going to be that kind of developer.

Although I admire the craft behind FileMaker web applications, I'm not interested in attending a session about securing a technology, I never plan on employing within any FileMaker database. If the occasion arises for web integration work, I will ask my client to hire a developer that specializes in that kind of work for that aspect of the project. I will help do some of the project management or coordination for web application integration but will not endeavor to develop such strategies on my own.

I’ve seen the presentation for “Making A Case For FileMaker Pro” and never have had an occasion to put that information to use. The version of this presentation I’ve seen was slanted more towards the in house developer than the outside consultant. I imagine that if I were bidding on a big project and this need arose, I’d contact my local FileMaker rep for a possible hand. Still, this is “potentially” extremely valuable information and something every FileMaker developer should check out once.

The Bridging UI Differences has potential and I would like to see what the presenter has to say. I think I’m doing a pretty good job in the UI area (with the help of the Layout Theme Library from ISO Productions) but I’m sure there are nuggets of experience from this developer that could really pay off for my projects.

Modern FileMaker Development Techniques appears to be the winner in this time slot for my current needs. In search of ways to better craft a FileMaker solution, the following description sounds like a winner.

* Learn ways to maximize your efficiency through centralized and portable development techniques
* Learn proven techniques to modernize your database design taken from real-world solutions
* Discover innovative and flexible alternatives to "conventional" development practices
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