FileMaker 10 Saved Finds And Custom Menus

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APPENDIX 4: FileMaker Pro 10 Changes

There is a related movie on this topic! CLICK HERE!

FileMaker 10 Saved Sorts And Custom Menus

I had a devil of a time figuring out what was going on with FileMaker 10, its new saved find features and the custom menu sets that I have in my existing FileMaker databases. The problem had to deal with the ability to add the Saved Finds sub-menu into any of my databases created before FileMaker 10. I thought something was corrupted with my files ... and ... this isn’t the first time I thought this while working with FileMaker 10. Just like the previous times, I was over reacting and there is a simple work around.

Just to make sure I wasn’t crazy, as a test, I created a file from scratch in FileMaker 10 and then looked at my custom menu options. Here you can see that my Saved Finds sub-menu is available as a custom menu option.

Next I created the very same file in FileMaker 9 first. In fact, I copied the entire table from my FileMaker 10 database and pasted it into my FileMaker 9 database (using FileMaker Advanced with both versions). I then quit FileMaker 9 and reopened that file with FileMaker 10 Advanced and the Saved Finds sub-menu is missing.

Conclusion, the FileMaker 10 Saved Finds sub-menu is missing from all files that were created with a previous version of FileMaker Pro.

So here is an example where the $99 annual fee to FileMaker TechNet came in quite handy. I looked in my email archive for any recent posts about Custom Menus. Sure enough, there was a posting about this and a resolution described by Geoff Coffey of Six Fried Rice. This pointed me in the right direction and I also received a twitter reply from one of the FileMaker faithful.

The answer is to simply add the sub-menu back to the system. At first, this advice didn’t help me because I was interpreting it incorrectly. I would edit one of my menus, click the custom menu button and the Saved Finds option was not available.

The answer is that I wasn’t going deep enough or perhaps I was going too deep. Yeah, it is that weird but thankfully you only need to do this once per file. Simply click the create button in the custom menus and then immediately scroll to the bottom of the list, you can add the Saved Find menu back into your Sub Menu choices. Once it is there, you can add it to other menus at your hearts content.

The movie link above, probably does a better job at explaining this.

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