DEVCON 2009: Friday Session 1:30 PM Breakdown

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
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This is a post in an ongoing series in which I look at a particular session of the 2009 FileMaker Developer Conference and review which presentation I’m most interested in attending. I’ll post an overall set of links when I’ve covered them all. For more information about this annual conference, please visit .


After the first official lunch of the conference, we get some of the more advanced presentations so far. In fact, two of them have the word advanced in their name. Well almost ... the web site (at the moment) probably has a typo in one of the sessions titles. I don’t think it is meant to be Advances ESS Techniques.

Backup Strategies for FileMaker Server was a surprising addition to me. The process of making backups is quite straight forward and not sure about how strategic it needs to be. Backups come down to determining how paranoid are you comfortable in being and then building a process around that paranoia. FileMaker Server 10 did make some tweaks to your backup storage options and these changes do offer different twists to the backup strategy. Perhaps Jessie is also going to go into the whole Disaster Recovery angle for this topic, which is something many administrators do not consider a viable threat. Offsite storage of backups is obviously something that will have to come up in this session and I’d be interested in his thoughts on the matter.

Although most of my clients are using off site hosting services, I’d still be quite interested in hearing what Jesse has to say about server backups. Hopefully, there will be some documentation about the presentation with the conference literature.

Advances (Advanced) ESS Techniques is a great topic but I’m not using that feature in any projects at the moment and haven’t come across a customer yet that really needs it. My target market made a decision to use FileMaker instead of SQL and so a bridge between the two isn’t of great interest to them. I’m not going to be able to stay comfortable in that mindset however. I fully expect ESS will play a part in some future project and I do want to be prepared. Once again I truly hope there is some support literature on this topic because it is a shame this one particular session time slot is so loaded with presentations I have an interest.

Advanced Script Triggers is going to be a crowded room, no doubt about it. I’m a bit surprised there are not more sessions dedicated to the topic for this years conference. If I had been the big shot that made the session decisions this year, I’d have been tempted to have one unique presentation on script triggers for every session time. I’m equally surprised there hasn’t been a centralized shared collection of triggering strategies out there. Something along the same lines as the custom function or plug-in community sites. If one pops up, please send me an email about it.

Developing Plug-ins: Advanced
is great option for that audience. Teaching me to create plug-ins would be like teaching a fish to play the harmonica.

Obviously, I’m going with Advanced Script Triggers for my choice and making a mental note to show up to the session presentation about 10 to 20 minutes early. The start time being right after lunch, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.
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