WHAT I’D LIKE TO SEE: Tabs With Layout Memories

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This is one of many quick little things I’d like to see in the next version of FileMaker. I thought I’d start a series of posts about what I’d like to see the moment I think of them.

Most of my stuff doesn’t seem that intense to do, low hanging fruit (if you will). I feel quick tweaks like these could allow me to make better databases and a faster rate for customers. This means I can do more work for more customers and charge lower finish pricing overall. So I hope some of these things might make it through the system.

I picked this up on a twitter feed and thought it was an excellent addition to the “What I’d Like To See” list.

This is really a drag when you are working on a nested tab panel. You are two or three tabs deep, make a change, go to browse mode ... then ... have to dig all the way back to the nested tab to see your changes.

Oh, it is just as bothersome in reverse ...

You have finished your work on a nested sub-tab, you go into Browse mode and you are back to tab 1 again. So you have to trek all the way back down to the nested folder to see your layout changes. If you are doing a lot of changes to a lot of nested tabs, this trekking back and forth to the correct tab begins to become a bit of a nightmare.

I have had times where I knew this might happen and opened up a new FileMaker window to a developer layout. There I would copy the tab panel contents and work on the interface objects until I was done. Then I would copy all that code and place it into the correct nested tab.

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