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Apparently, FileMaker has teamed up with popular video training provider VTC for a 30 day promotion. It does require a special code from FileMaker and a pair of rather lengthy set of forms to fill out ( 1 at FileMaker and 1 at VTC) but it appears to be totally worth it. Perhaps this is old news but I thought I’d pass it along.

I just cruised over to the official FileMaker web site to download a trial copy of FileMaker 10. I have a potential client for InBizness call me yesterday and used to be a FileMaker client years ago. They haven’t used FileMaker in years but it was a pleasurable experience for them “back in the day.” Before I sent him the launcher for the networked demo of InBizness, I wanted to make sure InBizness worked OK with the free FileMaker 10 trial version you can get from

The form that you have to fill out at the FileMaker web site it a bit of a drag but again totally worth it. I was somewhat oblivious to all the marketing stuff because I wanted to get this task scratched off of my to do list as quickly as possible. Then I found out that you don’t get a direct download but have to wait for the download instructions email. First impression was “what a drag” and then discovered it was totally worth it because that is when I noticed the free 30 day VTC promotion.

So I quickly installed FileMaker 10 trial on one of my test machines and tested out my online InBizness demo. Everything seems to work just dandy, so I emailed my prospect all the glorious details about the FMP 10 trial download and how to test drive InBizness. Depending on how my VTC trial session goes, I might even email him details about that as well.

I’ve been a member on and off of VTC through the years. At one time, the company that I worked at had a corporate membership to the service. I found the training very worthwhile for the FileMaker products and enjoyed the large collection of training on other software packages they cover like AppleScript and the Microsoft products.

It looks like there is 42 hours of FileMaker 10 training by John Mark Osborne, one of my favorite FileMaker passionate larger brained mammals. He runs, which has been the largest resource of FileMaker example files ... like forever. He also chats with the guys of the FileMaker Adatasol podcast about FileMaker 10.

This podcast from Adatasol is excellent by the way, one of the best overall and brutally honest discussions about FileMaker 10 that is out there. You can download it from or subscribe to it via iTunes.

Oh, and there is a 6.5 hour training session on FileMaker Server 10 by Wim Decorate. That is something I’m definitely going to try to get in before the weekend is over.
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