WHAT I’D LIKE TO SEE: Temporary Relationships During Script Execution

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This is one of many quick little things I’d like to see in the next version of FileMaker.

Temporary Relationships During Script Execution
There are times in which you need a relationship between two tables to perform a single task, normally during the execution of a script (possibly executed from a script trigger). It is a real drag to have to create a formal relationship in your database relationship graph for a small one time need. It also clutters up any table occurrence pick list and really limits your productivity!

Think of the Set Variable script step and take it one step further and imagine a Set Script Relationship script step. The relationship would only be valid during the execution of the script. With FileMaker Advanced, you could copy the script step as needed from script to script or create a library of temporary relationships.

This could greatly reduce the number of “real” relationships you would need in the relationship graph and that makes the selection of any table occurrence much easier to use in the script.


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