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What book would be the best book for learning scripting on FMP 10? I have a lot of the basics down, but the books “The Missing Manuel”, “FileMaker Pro 10 In Depth”, and etc. do not offer very much in the way scripting.

There is a lack of a dedicated resource for the craftsmanship of FileMaker scripting. Something that goes beyond the “nuts and bolts” and explores the techniques in depth. I’m not aware of any written volume out there that meets those needs. The closest would be a very long in the tooth (FileMaker 3 related) volume called Scriptology.

The two authors of that classic manifesto may have something of interest in the video arena. If you can switch your learning process from the written word to the video tutorial, perhaps you might want to check these two resources out.

Matt Petrowsky has a learning resource called the FileMaker Magazine (http://www.filemakermagazine.com/). As I write this, his latest video is titled Script Triggers OnTabLoad and it is 27 minutes long. He adds fresh content on a regular basis and it routinely explores new areas of FileMaker design. Some of the videos are free and some require a $25.00 per quarter paid subscription (about $100 per year). You do have to register a user name and password with the site before subscribing.

John Mark Osborne produced an amazing set of training videos on FileMaker 10 and they were published mere moments after FileMaker 10 was released. These videos can be purchased or viewed online via a subscription (http://www.vtc.com). There is about 42 hours of FileMaker 10 training there and a scary amount of training in other computer applications as well. At one time, there was a 30 day trial offer available. I posted an article about this some time ago and will include a link below.

In addition, I do provide one on one virtual FileMaker training at $55.00 for 30 minute sessions (/training1on1.html). Many times I can deliver a few "wows" during those sessions. This may help if you are stuck on one particular way to accomplish a scripting task.

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