Product Documentation Menu Explored

Introduced with FileMaker 9, the product documentation menu is part of the FileMaker help menu. It provides a sub-menu of documentation options including the ability to directly access a large collection of FileMaker design pdf gems. These include

- The FileMaker Users Guide (206 Pages)
- FileMaker Tutorial (65 Pages)
- Instant Web Publishing Guide (44 Pages)
- ODBC And JDBC Guide (58 Pages)
- FileMaker Development Guide (54 Pages) FMP Advanced

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When chosen, the selected document loads from the location determined during the installation of FileMaker Pro. When you look at it, that is 373 pages of FileMaker pdf documentation accessible from under the Help menu (427 pages for FileMaker Advanced users). But wait, there is yet more! There is also a final link called More Documentation and this will take you to a web page with even more documentation! Here is a small list of options I chose to look at ...

FileMaker 10
* FileMaker Pro 10 Functions Reference (213 Pages)
* FileMaker Pro 10 Script Steps Reference (147 Pages)
* Network Install Setup (12 Pages)
* Running FileMaker Pro 10 on Citrix Presentation Server
* Running FileMaker Pro 10 on Windows 2003 Terminal Services

FileMaker 10 Advanced
* FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced Database Design Report XML Output Grammar

and there is documentation for FileMaker Server and Bento here as well!

Direct access to the more documentation web page can be found by visiting ...

So next time you are using your trusty copy of FileMaker Pro, check out the Product Documentation Menu and explore the options that are available to you.

FYI ...
Customizing FileMaker Solutions is a two page guide that was included with FileMaker 9 but seems to have been removed for FileMaker 10. The starter solutions did get a refresh with FileMaker 10. I did see a document like this available via the More Documentation web page.

FYI... I submitted this topic as a quick two minute for the FileMaker Success Tips podcast. I’m not sure if they will air it or when ... but ... here is a quick link if you want to give it a listen (click here).


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