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Hello. I am currently using a home brew accounting system for my property management company using HyperCard. As you can imagine there are some problems, not the least of which is that HyperCard hasn't been supported for years. I am going to sit down and see if I can create my own accounting system using Filemaker. One thing, among many, that has me stumped is how to apply payments without going to each individual invoice. What I do now in HyperCard is to have separate statements for each tenant with charges and payments posted out of a general journal, and it works fine. Something similar would be great in Filemaker. Any ideas??

There are a number of ways to go about performing this task but I’d go the route of a join table. This is a table that stores each unique combination of a payment record and an invoice record. This allows you to ...

- completely pay one invoice with one payment
- have an invoice paid with multiple payments
- use one payment to pay multiple invoices.

Using this method, you can go to the client record, generate a statement and then create the appropriate number of join records to cover the transaction. I would bring up a dialog box to do this and have the join record(s) created via scripting.

Here is a link to a discussion on join tables ...
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