Would This Work For Non Traditional FileMaker Classroom Training?

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I started the second (Project Planning & Scheduling) of five required courses for the Bellevue Washington project management certification courses.

I had to groan inwardly because we are going to do another in class exercise session and I dread these. I rarely get much out of them and it seems to be a “blind leading the blind” exercise in futility. This class has an interesting twist, most of the “try this on your own exercise” work is done outside of class. Our team case study is actually homework and is done via email communicating with each other. Kind of makes a more social aspect to homework that is different ... to say the least!

I couldn’t help but have a stray thought that something like this for a FileMaker database class could allow for "hands on" training but not sacrifice valuable class time. Say each students FileMaker homework is a file dedicated to them on a FileMaker Server. They get their homework after a class and during the week, they can work on it. Then start of class the following week would start off by reviewing everyone’s homework!

Now this wouldn’t work well with traditional FileMaker training because it is sequential daily rapid fire output. However, a series of FileMaker classes being a few hours in duration and a week apart would be an excellent FileMaker training experience (in my opinion). This would help minimize the “my cup runneth over” experience that I see in most traditional FileMaker training sessions and conferences.
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