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I haven’t had a chance to absorb all the content podcasted, blogged or tweeted about the 2009 Annual Developer Conference. There is so much of independent content out there, developers are doing a fantastic job of selling next years developers conference for FileMaker Inc. Gotta love the FileMaker community enthusiasm! Anyhoo, I did see or hear from some source that FMTouch was on special for $29.95 as part of a DevCon conference promo and scurried over to iTunes for a copy.

It was taken back immediately with the following error when I tried to synch my iPhone to iTunes to load FMTouch to my iPhone. This is the first time that I had a "bad" iPhone app download. The error message directed me to the following web address ... . The first few suggestions from the web site didn’t seem to help me but then I deleted FMTouch from iTunes and downloaded it again. Apple already knew that I had paid for this application and did not double bill me. This time, everything went great!

With that little mini drama out of the way (which wasn’t that dramatic really), I went over to the FMTouch web site and started downloading documentation. I have to say that I’m impress by the enthusiasm FMWebSchool for the product. These industrious folks are not satisfied with being the only iPhone FileMaker application on the market, they working hard to build a strong community around the FMTouch product.

I’m really unsure what to expect from the product. I think that at the promo price of $29.95, I can afford to experiment. Obviously, the main thing to do is build a demo to show clients. I like the idea to be able to show clients cool FileMaker stuff when I’m onsite and I try to be onsite somewhere a couple days a week. If I get a chance to experiment with the application more this week, I’ll try to post my impressions.

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