A READER ASKS: Design Overload And Simplification

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Ok, so just tell me if this thinking is along the right track, cause I am second guessing myself. I was starting with Contacts -> Open House, but it's not really. Listing Agents have Properties, Properties have Open House's, Open Houses have Contacts,

Listing Agents -> Multiple Properties
Properties -> Multiple Open Houses
Open House's -> Multiple Contacts

And my head is blowing up trying to correlate how that would work into an initial interview where I take in their needs in a property.

I think I need to make a flow chart

A flowchart or even a documented needs analysis might definitely help. If you are wanting to explore coding, process and needs analysis, you might want to take a step back and spend a hour or so working on an independent prototype. Just create a new database with just the bare minimum code you need to prove the code design. Don't make it pretty and don't spend anytime outside of the barest skeleton. It should be extremely lean and still perform the action you need.

After testing it and happy with your results, you can then take a fresh look at the project you are working on and take another stab at it. Since you are using FileMaker Advanced, you can likely copy and paste the code from the prototype into your production database.

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