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Here is a FileMaker question about getting the database changes we did onto our server. It came from the person we have maintaining our business servers. Do you have any feedback?

I have looked into/researched any shortcuts I might take to get the updated files into the server. I found none. But find it hard to believe there isn't. Will you email the programmer and ask if the following is the recommend way;

In the New file:

Delete all records

Import all records into the new file from the old file

Trash the old file

Set the new file up in the server

Will need to do this for both of the linked FileMaker files in your solution.

This is pretty much how it works in a standard update, except there is one critical piece missing. Each record in each table has a field that generates a unique and sequential value for new record. This is called the primary key for the table and uniquely identifies the record for relationships.

Since time has passed since you made the backup, edited that FileMaker file and now want to upload it, new records have been created in the older file. So the internal primary key data (like a social security number for the record) will be out of sync. This is going to cause problems when you create new records after importing the older data into the new file. So you will want to manually update the primary key fields auto enter options before uploading the new file.

Also, I wouldn’t trash the old file but archive it.

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