Super Video “Dialog Fun” By Skeleton Key

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Ironically, just yesterday via a Twitter post, I was commenting about how FileMaker hasn’t updated the Show Custom Dialog box script step since the FileMaker 6 release.

It turned out I was being a bit generous because FileMaker 6 was released in 2002 and not 2005. So it has been a full 7 years since something ... potentially pivotal ... in the FileMaker UI experience has been updated. There are ( I imagine ) plug-in products that help meet some of the missing features but I tend to equate FileMaker plug-in experiences on the same level as a simple root canal. Better yet, it is more like putting wisdom teeth in instead of having them pulled out.

Getting back to the point (thankfully), there was a darling little link in my Google Reader feed of a YouTube video from the good folks at Skeleton Key (Chad Adams specifically) on Custom Dialogs. It is about 6 minutes long and does a delightful job of showing some of the particular aspects (good and bad) about the Show Custom Dialog script step in use. The video never jumps into creating a custom dialog from scratch. Instead, it focuses upon seven different points about the largely undocumented aspects of custom dialog box design.

Here is a link to the video and thank you Chad / Skeleton Key for this putting this together and sharing it with everyone! By the way, wouldn’t SkeletonTube be a cool name for a video sharing service as well?
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