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I have some unrelated questions for my FMP 10 Adv setup on Windows Server 2003, 4 cores, 4 GB RAM:

--1) How do I optimize my operating system and/or FMP configuration to maximize performance on my hardware?

--2) What can I do to my hardware (upgrades) to get the maximum performance out of FMP?


Under the free resources area, you can check out the FileMaker Server Resource area on the FileMaker site. It is loaded with information but it does have a marketing twist. It is not the most technical viewpoint out there but good stuff nonetheless. You can check it out by visiting ... http://www.filemaker.com/products/fms/resource_center.html

For FileMaker Tech Net members, there is a highly acclaimed white paper called ...FileMaker Server 9 Configuration Guide for Windows and Macintosh (Updated for 9) Written by FileMaker System Engineers, this detailed document outlines everything you need to keep your Windows and Macintosh FileMaker Server install running properly. It is well written and content is packed tight into an 80 page manifesto.

You do have to be a TechNet member (only $99.00) and is probably the best under $100 resource for any FileMaker developer or FileMaker Server administrator out there. The TechTalk list offers a level of support from the developer community that you cannot get anywhere else on this spinning globe of ours. You can check it out by visiting ... http://www.filemaker.com/technet/index.html?nav=community-technet

The best FileMaker 10 Server learning content out there (in my opinion) is not from FileMaker but from a company called VTC.com. They have an eight hour training series given by Wim Decorte that is absolutely phenomenal. You can check that out by visiting ... http://www.vtc.com/products/FileMaker-Server-10-Tutorials.htm . You can purchase the training content on CD or you can subscribe to an “all you can eat” buffet of technical information for about $35.00 a month (you can cancel a subscription at any time ... by the way).
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