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Decided to take a break from pixel wrangling and cruise around the web for some FileMaker tidbits and thought I’d share them with you.

Video Tips for Prospective FileMaker DevCon Speakers
(from SavvyData)

Lee Lukehart shares some great tips for video production for DevCon sessions. I just finished a couple yesterday myself and would have to say that I didn’t do many of the recommended tips. I find that an iMac actually has a pretty good camera / microphone and my office is fairly quiet. I wish I had read Luke’s recommendations before I finished because I just don’t have enough drive to record the movies this year. Great job Luke!

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FileMaker Advisor Puts The Brakes On The Print Version
(from Application Arch)

According to a blog post from Chris Kubica, FileMaker Advisor is putting the brakes on producing print copies of the magazine. The appear to be upgrading everyone to their online version.

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