A READER ASKS: The unnecessary ELSE

From Dwayne Wright PMP - Certified FileMaker Developer
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First, thank you for the demos you provide to our community.

In this latest demo -none found-, I read in your script -find enhanced- you ended it with:
  Show all records
End if

I don't understand the use of "Else" in this script. If I had written this script I would not have used it. If you are willing to share your thoughts on this, I would be appreciative.

There isn’t any intended use for the Else step here but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it an error. It could be a placeholder area for a reader’s experimentation on what could be added in that area of the script. Usually when you see this, the developer is still considering the possibility of adding some kind of “Else” operation.

I agree with you that it is probably better to remove the unnecessary ELSE in situations in which the script is considered golden.