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In this example, we automatically open the database with a restricted account name of other. This account name has an associated password of Other. The master account with full access is Admin without a password. You can toggle back and forth between the admin account and the restricted accounts by using the login buttons at the bottom of the example. With the Other account, you can see how the user experience is with the security restrictions. With the Admin account, you can go under the hood and tweak the security adjustments.

Looking at the privilege set that is associated with the Other account, you can see that it is defined to have Minimum Menu access. Here are some links where I discuss this in more detail ...

Taking Away Some Menu Options Via Privilege Set

This setting will make the popular options of Cut, Copy and Paste unavailable from under the Edit menu and also unavailable via the traditional keyboard shortcuts.

However, you can put buttons on the layout that will perform these options. We have done just that in this example. Highlight the text you want copy or paste and click it’s associated button. Click where you would like to paste text and click the Paste button.

If you are using FileMaker Advanced, you can have the same restrictions but add custom menus that run cut, copy or paste script steps. You can even add the shortcut commands back in but (as the developer) you have more control over the entire menu operation.

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