Taking Away FileMaker Menu Options Via A Privilege Set

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The privilege set is used in concert with account settings to set access levels to a FileMaker database. You have to understand privilege sets to work with FileMaker security environment. Each account has only privilege set. A privilege set can be assigned to multiple accounts. Privilege Sets consist of a large number of security settings (kind of like a large lunch buffet) and the combination of selected options define what a user can see or do.

You can also define, via the privilege set, what menu options are available for a user. This is broken down into 3 categories that appear in a pull down menu. These options are All, Editing Only and Minimum.

All Menu Option
Basically, this means that you are not selecting to have any additional restrictions on what appears in the menu bar. It will look like the normal FileMaker menu, of course with the possible exception of the other settings. That is to say if you turned off the ability of a password to edit scripts, the ScriptMaker option will be grayed out.

Editing Only Menu Option
When chosen, the following are grayed out Manage Database, Manage Value Lists, Changing Password, Sharing, Print Setup, Print, Import, Save A Copy As, Duplicate, The Entire Contents Of The Mode Menu, The Entire Contents Of The Format Menu except the Text Ruler and the ScriptMaker option.

None Menu Option
This will gray out almost all of the menu commands. When using this option, you will want to provide a number buttons for users to take care of the missing menu options. This is because popular commands such as Cut, Copy and Paste are not available from the menu anymore. In fact, the shortcut of using the keyboard equivalents will be disabled as well. I’m talking about the shortcuts such as ...

Mac Users
- Copy ( command key and C key )
- Cut ( command key and X key )
- Paste ( command key and V key )

Windows Users
- Copy ( control key and C key )
- Cut ( control key and X key )
- Paste ( control key and V key )

Also, you can use FileMaker Advanced Custom Menu feature to limit, change or add to the users menu experience.
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