FileMaker Links For Week 13 of 2010

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 10 Developer
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Here is a listing of interesting links I found in the FileMaker community. These might not be new links but ones that I discovered and wanted to share with you.

Truly awesome set of videos from Mighty Data about FileMaker 11.

FileMaker iPhone - Dial Phone and Instantly Return to database

A collection of posts regarding charts from SavvyData
Bar Charts on Steroids -
Sparklines with FMP11 Charts -
Chart Palettes Cheatsheet for FMP11 -
Fun with FileMaker Pro 11 Charts -

The Philadelphia FileMaker User Group: Advancing Technique: Using Booleans to streamline data from (Unofficial) Planet FileMaker by Robin Story

Disable Add Field icon in Table View (FileMaker 11) - robfm

The FileMaker Collective: Technique: Dynamic-Dynamic Value Lists
from (Unofficial) Planet FileMaker by louisville

Unless I mention otherwise, I have not tried these out with a project yet. I just list them here because they sound particularly cool!

WebTitle ( webviewer ) Ivan Satya, MillenniumWorks -
This CF specifically returns the Title of a webpage from a webviewer object.

GeoBox(latitude;longitude; radius) Steve Murray
Calculates latitude and longitude boundaries at radius of a location.
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